About the FSDEA

  • Why was the FSDEA established?Open or Close
  • How is the Fund different from other Sovereign Wealth Funds in the region?Open or Close
  • Who leads the Fund?Open or Close
  • Who benefits from the returns?Open or Close
  • Is FSDEA a private company or a government body?Open or Close
  • What is its association with the Government? Is the President of the Republic of Angola involved in the Fund’s decisions?Open or Close
  • Is the FSDEA considered a stabilization fund?Open or Close
  • What is the ultimate objective of the Fund?Open or Close

Assets under Management

  • What is the Fund’s source of money?Open or Close
  • How is the money paid into the fund?Open or Close
  • Are these processes to be disclosed?Open or Close
  • Who is the asset manager for the FSDEA?Open or Close
  • What was the selection criterion for Quantum Global?Open or Close

FSDEA Investment Strategy and Portfolio

  • What is its overall investment strategy?Open or Close
  • What is the FSDEA’s asset allocation?Open or Close
  • How was the choice of the sectors to invest in made?Open or Close
  • How does FSDEA decide where and what to invest?Open or Close
  • What is FSDEA’s current portfolio?Open or Close
  • What are the main differences between the investment policy of FSDEA and that of other SWFs?Open or Close
  • Why was the FSDEA strategy drafted in this way given the current development stage of Angola?Open or Close
  • What kind of returns and profit does the FSDEA forecast for 2014 given the current regional and international political and economic situation?Open or Close
  • Is the FSDEA an investor in the Quantum Global and La Salle Joing Venture and therefore likely to participate in similar acquisitions such as the 23 Saville Row in the future?Open or Close
  • Does FSDEA disclose its financial results?Open or Close

Governance and Transparency

  • How does the FSDEA ensure transparency and good governance?Open or Close
  • What measures has the FSDEA undertaken to improve transparency and governance within the organisation?Open or Close
  • Why was Deloitte selected by the Government of Angola as the FSDEA’s auditing authority?Open or Close
  • When will the first audit take place and will the report be public?Open or Close
  • Will the FSDEA disclose its financial results?Open or Close
  • How will you ensure there is no corruption and conflict of interests within the FSDEA?Open or Close
  • There has been a lot of press concerning the appointment of President dos Santos’ son to the FSDEA Board of Directors. Are there transparency concerns in relation to this appointment?Open or Close

Social Charter & Projects

  • What is the focus of the Social Charter mandate of the FSDEAOpen or Close
  • What are the various initiatives implemented so far?Open or Close